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Facilitated Feasibility Courses

The Clean Energy Institute of GPEKS delivers renewable energy facilitated courses that lead to a certificate. Most of these courses are delivered in an e-learning (distance learning) format for Project Feasibility Analysis On Line courses.

The facilitated courses are typically only offered once a year. See our calendar to make sure you register for your course in time. Some more courses might be added during the year especially when we have a waiting list for a course.

Please note that facilitated courses only offer a limited amount of spots.

Facilitated Distance Learning Courses

Delivered via a distance education approach, the certificate courses impart participants with the essential skills and knowledge to conduct a feasibility study that will enable real-world clients to decide whether or not to proceed with a potential renewable energy project. Participants will learn:

  • To analyze the opportunity/risk factors of clean energy projects, including technical, technological, environmental, financial, organizational and regulatory;
  • To use comprehensive decision-making software tools, such as RETScreen or System Advisor Model (SAM) that help engineers, architects and planners to evaluate the technical and financial viability of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies (RETs) and reduces the transaction costs (in both money and time) associated with identifying and assessing potential projects.
  • To devise a conceptual system design that meets project requirements based on the various clean energy technologies covered;
  • Tools and methods to evaluate the energy production, life-cycle costs and greenhouse gas emissions reduction of a proposed clean energy system;
  • To produce project feasibility reports based on a case study and two full-scale studies of real-world potential projects.

Each facilitated distance e-learning certificate of proficiency requires 
successful completion of these 2 blocks:

  1. Theory course which includes an assignment in planning and conducting of a project feasibility
    analysis based on a case study and the use of RETScreen; and
  2. Completion of 2 real-world project studies.

The courses are facilitated by subject matter experts and practitioners. Successful participants will receive a Certificate of completion or proficiency and go on to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy solutions. Note that the Clean Energy Institute's project feasibility analysis courses do not teach how to install or maintain a renewable energy system.

For course-specific information and cost, click here to complete an inquiry form.

Module CEF102 is now available as a stand-alone course and is a four week long prerequisite to completing the full program and obtaining the Certificate of Proficiency. It will be required when one wants to enter into our Real World Project Studies: courses ending with IP or TP. When taken as a stand-alone course, participants have 4 weeks to complete it.

CEF102 (CAD $200 as of January 2017) includes both essay and multiple choice exam questions and 2 one hour conferences (one on week 2 and one on week 4 of the CEF102 Course module)

All the programs that lead to a certificate of Proficiency below are now offered in 2 parts: Theory (General Introduction, Theory on the technology) and Real Projet Feasibility Studies - Two required - (either 2 Team Projects - CEF1X2TP , 2 Individual Projects - CEF1X2IP, or one of each).

For example the Certificate of Proficiency Program CEF130 is broken down into:

CEF102: - Clean Energy Project Feasibility Analysis Framework
CEF130 = Solar Photovoltaic Project Feasibility Analysis Program:

  • Facilitated Theory Course: CEF132 - Solar PV Project Feasibility Analysis
  • Two Real World Projects project Studies: either:
    > Two instances of CEF132TP: Solar Photovoltaic - Team Project Study
    > Two instances of CEF132IP: Solar Photovoltaic - Individual Project Study
    > One instance of CEF132TP + one instance of CEF132IP